I always want to feel like part of this was mine

so this is the part where I am supposed to say that Boston is wonderful and this "adventure" has been amazing so far... right?

but really it has been hard and I keep waiting for it to be fun. moving is not fun. not being able to find anything anywhere is not fun. realizing that your new apartment has way less storage than you thought is not fun. having your new kindergartner placed in the worst/furthest school possible, is not fun. having three kids that have just had enough of the transition is not fun. and heartbreaking. I have found myself reevaluating every decision we've made to get here. and I may have cried a time or five.

but we are here. here in this history rich city. this beautiful state. and eventually I am going to have to buck up and make the most of it. so in an effort to do so, here is a list of things that are good so far.

-my friend Melissa, also on the HBS adventure-train.
-the vent from the laundry room that smells like dryer sheets every time I pass it on the outside of our building.
-the Target and Old Navy at the mall up the road.
-this unbelievable, gorgeous campus. I mean, seriously.
-Jeff having no job but us for two weeks.
-my colorful Ikea rug
-the Charles River
-and (cheese alert) the chance I have to grow, because when it comes to fight or flight, I am flight all the way. and this time I don't really have a choice.


kate said...

I hate moving with everything I am. When we moved from AZ to ID we got here in the middle of a snowstorm to a janky basement apartment that smelled like curry (in a bad way) and I cried. and cried. and cried. We've lived here 2.5 years and I'm starting to really catch my stride, you know?

I cannot imagine moving with 3 kids. Bless you.

kate said...

Oh and that picture of Petra? Is she like 17?

chelsea :: stock said...

I posted this on the wrong blog and you still found it! you're the best.

It took me a few years to love washington, so I am hoping I can move a little faster this time, since I only have two years ...

chelsea :: stock said...

So big, right?! She is amazing.